Client Responses

Bill came to us highly recommended by friends of ours. Subsequently, we have recommended him highly to other friends.... His work here was of the highest quality. He worked well with Littleton city officials regarding zoning, design, and construction matters. He also worked well with our architect and with all sub-contractors. What we appreciated most was his honesty.
    R. & E. Hess

Over the last 15 years of home ownership I had come to expect a certain disregard for timetables and comprehensive follow-through on promises when dealing with tradesmen, craftsmen, and laborers. You were the first to successfully destroy all those preconceived notions in my head. You were always there when you said you would be and you managed all your sub-contractors in such a way that communicated your sense of integrity to them.
    H. Lambert grateful we are to have you on our kitchen project. It’s good to have a professional like you who cares about the detail and attends to the schedule.
I wish you good things in the future and know we’ll have more projects together.
    B. Ohs

Marcia, ...Your exceptional talent and professionalism in evaluating our needs
for unique space planning for both facilities has helped tremendously with the success of these programs.  
    B. Daniels, D. Weeks

As the architect for the project, I would like to commend Bill for the work he has done to date, and in particular for his efforts with regard to coordination, attention to detail, and client relations.
    A. Livaudais

Thank you for doing such a super job on the kitchen remodeling project.... Everything about it, from the beautiful oak stairs to the nifty recycling chutes, is just what we wanted...
    K Covert

Marcia, we are so enjoying our reconstructed home and as we have guests visit they always ask who helped us with the design work.  After telling them your name and the name of your family company, I also tell them how you exhibit the following qualities:  creative but conservative; eager to hear our opinions; quick to respond to our needs and desires; flexible schedule to fit into our busy schedules; prompt estimates; knowledgeable about newest trends, techniques and subcontractors who can do the job in our time frame.  Thank you so very much for helping us make our home of 40 years, updated, warm, inviting, and a pleasure in which to entertain and live.

    Mrs. J. Hutchison

It was a pleasure to have someone so competent, responsible, trustworthy, and good natured. We appreciate your responsiveness to all our questions and requests, and the effort you went through to make this as easy for us as possible.
    P. And M. Bogan

...The job was difficult and extensive. Mr. Walter’s final cost to us for the agreed work was nearly to the penny of his initial bid. We found Bill Walter to be an excellent craftsman and a competent businessman. He is careful and reliable, especially with regard to his daily work schedule and an on-time completion of the project.
    P. Smith

...The work was performed according to the written contract, and Mr. Walter’s work was in all respects as provided in the written contract document. The work was performed in a timely and workmanlike manner...
    E. Towey

...Your concern for the dust and dirt certainly made the entire situation more pleasant for us. Plus, your concern for Nakita was really beyond your contract!!!!!
    D. & S. Lynch