About Us

Bill and Marcia Walter created Dovetail: Design & Construction, in 1982 to blend their complementary construction and design skills. They specialize both in creating new spaces and revitalizing old ones, honoring the precept that people desire to find harmony and beauty in their environments. Working together or independently, Bill and Marcia strive to produce superior work their clients will appreciate and enjoy.

The vital force behind any success of Dovetail: Design and Construction is their clients' ideas and desire to improve, expand, or personalize their environments.

It is a reward in itself to work closely with a client to design and build a project. Marcia says, "We have the good fortune of having vibrant, enterprising clients, and it is a joy to work alongside and complete a project for them." An even greater reward is the happy clients Dovetail: Design and Construction has attained over the years. References and a portfolio of project photographs are available for your review.

Bill Walter
General Contractor,
C. License Denver
B.A. Anthropology, Texas Tech University

Marcia Bond Walter
American Society of Interior Designers, professional member
B.F.A. Interior Design, Texas Tech University
Accredited, International Association of Color Consultants/Designers
Thesis: "The Benefit of Color and Light in Childcare Environments" (Univ. of Salzburg Library)
Past President, IACC-NA