DOVETAILING: Fine Remodeling/Construction
+ Interior Design + Color Design:

For those considering home remodeling or construction, interior or color design of any type of environment, please consider Dovetail:  Design & Construction, Inc.   Dovetail specializes in working with clients who are  interested in the creative process, as well as a great end result.  This concern for process leads them to choose a team that will provide reliability, honesty, the free flow of ideas, as well as meticulous design execution.  So a great choice is Dovetail:  Design & Construction.

Working in any architectural style, Dovetail employs both traditional craftsmanship and state of the art green practices.  They are able to work with other professionals to carry your project from concept to completion, or will work with your architectural plans.  Every detail is considered.  Your result?   Beauty, Harmony, Function.